CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Volkswagen Group of America is the North American subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, a global leader in automobile manufacturing. Delivering over 570,000 full-electric vehicles in 2022, VW is also at the forefront of sustainable transportation.

Currently, the car-buying process is time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient, requiring customers to physically visit dealerships to view any vehicles they might purchase.

Our Volkswagen Shopping App with Augmented Reality offers a unique solution to this process. It empowers customers to explore and personalize Volkswagen vehicles from the comfort of their homes and on the go.

Within the application, users select a vehicle from a catalog of Volkswagen’s latest models and customize the vehicle with an array of exterior body paints and accessories. These customizations can be saved to be viewed and edited later.

Our software detects and highlights surfaces where the user’s vehicle can be placed. Once a location is selected, our application displays a high-quality 3D model. It is life-sized, making it easy to envision owning the vehicle.

Users can also view the car’s virtual interior. While imagining themselves behind the wheel, they can tap to honk the horn or look around to get a feel for the interior.

Our innovative approach to window shopping streamlines the car-buying process by providing an immersive user experience. This informs VW customers and aids in decision-making as they search for their newest Volkswagen vehicle.

Our Volkswagen Shopping App with Augmented Reality is available exclusively on iOS devices. It is developed in Swift using Xcode and leverages ARKit, RealityKit and SceneKit for AR. Our system uses API calls to AWS for database communication.