CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is one of America’s foremost airlines, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, serving over 100 million passengers annually. Utilizing a substantial fleet of more than 850 aircraft, United Airlines strives to hold themselves to the highest standards of safety and reliability for their passengers.

To maintain their remarkable fleet, ongoing maintenance is essential, and United Airlines has established a network of vendors dedicated to preserving the fitness of its planes. These suppliers perform repairs and part replacements while undergoing regular inspections by auditors from United Airlines, ensuring strict adherence to industry best practices. The current auditing process demands a substantial amount of labor hours, incurring significant financial expenditures for the company.

Our Audit Automation Tool streamlines this process for auditors by diminishing the disparities in auditing practices through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI).

Our software automatically scans uploaded vendor manuals that auditors use to complete an audit. Through the application, auditors have the ability to upload vendor manuals and industry regulations. The system then compares the documents to ensure that the vendor manuals are in compliance with the provided regulations.

United Airlines auditors use our tool to quickly parse and analyze vendor manuals and regulations documents that can be hundreds of pages each. Our system automates large portions of the auditing process, increasing efficiency and saving time.

The application’s user interface is constructed using React and interacts with the back-end model developed in Python. This communication occurs via a Flask API while the historical data is stored on a DynamoDB database. The front end and back end, along with the database, are all hosted on Amazon Web Services.