CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Stryker is a Fortune 500 company that provides world class medical equipment to hospitals worldwide. From surgical equipment to neurotechnology, Stryker operates in over 75 countries and impacts more than 130 million patients annually.

Due to its size, Stryker faces the intricate challenge of overseeing a vast supply chain. As a serial acquisition company, Stryker frequently integrates software systems from acquired companies, known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These new ERP systems are used to manage the products, purchase orders, and employees of the acquired company. To facilitate the many different systems, Stryker requires a centralized software platform that helps display and analyze the ERP transactions.

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Dashboard provides a web application to monitor the various ERP transactions inherited by Stryker’s acquisitions.

Upon launching our web application, users are provided a comprehensive table containing an overview of all ERP transaction records. Employees use our advanced sorting, searching, filtering, and exporting capabilities to quickly and efficiently analyze ERP transaction data. Anomalies or transactions of interest are quickly identified using our system.

Our system provides holistic analyses of all transactions, highlighting key trends and metrics, improving the efficiency and accuracy of Stryker’s integration efforts. The system also provides scheduled email alerts to help users receive data that needs to be monitored at regular intervals.

The app’s back end uses Flask, hosted on Azure App Service. Data for each transaction is stored in Azure SQL Server. We utilize jQuery’s DataTables to display tabular information and Power BI to display dynamic graphs.