CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

RPM is an international logistics and supply chain solutions company based in Royal Oak, Michigan. RPM specializes in freight transportation and vehicle logistics across North America and Europe. RPM services 30 countries and transports over 60,000 vehicles per month.

Serving as an end-to-end transportation provider, RPM requires a considerable amount of effort to manage drivers’ and customers’ inquiries. To address the needs of the drivers and customers, RPM requires 24/7 on-call representatives. This leads to high operational costs and potential gaps in customer service quality. Therefore, RPM wants to maximize the utility of carrier representatives while reducing costs and improving drivers’ satisfaction.

Our AI-based Chat Service mimics a customer service representative by instantly answering carrier inquiries. The AI chat service has access to a multitude of frequently asked questions as well as instant access to all of RPM’s shipment data.

The chat maintains a natural human language interaction, such that the driver feels as if they are talking to a real human. The AI chat service is knowledgeable and able to assist in most situations.

If the chat reaches a point that a carrier representative is needed, it seamlessly transfers a user to an on-call representative. Transferring the user’s chat transcript to the representative improves the speed and quality of the customer service experience.

Our software intelligently serves customers, reducing the need for dedicated customer service workers, saving time and money.

Our AI-based chat is a back-end service that can be integrated into any platform. Our service utilizes Python Flask as well as OpenAI, Turvo and Microsoft .NET. The chat service is hosted entirely on Python Flask. OpenAI’s API is used for natural language processing while Turvo’s API is used to pull data from RPM’s .NET database.