CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is one of the country’s largest supercenter chains, providing high-quality groceries and merchandise to over 265 locations throughout six midwestern states. Meijer is dedicated to elevating the customer experience in all of its stores. One of the ways that Meijer connects to its customers is through its expanding mPerks rewards program.

Serving as a grocer to many of its customers, Meijer would like to provide mPerks users with a tool to provide new and interesting meal ideas for customers to improve their shopping and dining experience.

Our Enhanced Shopping Experience Using AI system tackles this problem and provides users with suggested recipes, all while considering their various dietary restrictions and preferences.

As customers plan their next meal, they use their mPerks account to inform our system of their dietary restrictions and allergies. Our web app is expansive to be as inclusive as possible for a wide variety of shoppers. Customers also provide their meal preferences, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Unique recipes are then generated using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), taking into consideration information such as a customer’s shopping history, their dietary restrictions, and many other factors. Each recipe is presented to the user, who then decides to add the necessary ingredients to their shopping list or ask for a new recipe idea.

Our system improves the shopping experience for Meijer customers and enables shoppers to explore new foods and ideas.

Delivering a user-friendly and seamless experience is made possible through Next.js as our front-end technology. Our front end is able to swiftly and securely communicate with our Azure SQL database. All recipe generation is done utilizing GPT-4 from OpenAI.