CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Evolutio is a software solutions company dedicated to bringing visibility, simplicity, and usability to a client’s complex enterprise platforms. They provide the necessary solutions through four specialized practices: observability, security, data science and analytics, and automation.

As applications grow increasingly complex, locating issues becomes more and more difficult. Engineering teams are looking to switch to low-cost alternatives for effective application performance monitoring. Evolutio sees an opportunity to further improve and add to existing observability software.

Our Evo Observability Platform is a robust and scalable tool that leverages cost-effective observability tools. Our platform assists developers and system administrators in monitoring the performance of applications in real time and provides extensive visibility into the behavior of each application.

Users can select an application and visualize its performance on our easy-to-read dashboard. The dashboard displays metric information and statistics about the application, such as the average elapsed time for a response and the number of accumulated errors.

Our dashboard offers robust tools, such as an intuitive dependency map to visualize an application’s internal flow, an alert notification system that informs users of performance deviations, and a log of application errors to quickly diagnose software issues.

Engineers use our system to improve their efficiency and accuracy while monitoring complex software systems, saving significant time and money.

Our software is built on Python and Flask. Our front end uses ReactJS. The back end uses OpenTelemetry for data collection, Apache Kafka for data streaming, and Apache Druid as the database. We use Kubernetes for containerization, Amazon Web Services for infrastructure hosting, and Harness for continuous integration.