CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

DRIVEN-4, based in Saint Joseph, Michigan, specializes in providing strategies and technology solutions for delivering traditional and connected products and services to clients in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), connected product development, connected operations, cloud services, and cybersecurity. Currently, DRIVEN-4 leverages PTC’s ThingWorx and Digi’s Remote Manager for remote device management and monitoring.

As they expand, DRIVEN-4 continues to develop their own Internet of Things (IoT) devices with onboard sensors for gathering device data. Hosting and storing data from these IoT devices requires a versatile, yet cost-effective, solution for users to take control of their data.

Our DRIVEN-4 Connect Update and Upgrade tool improves DRIVEN-4’s data storage and hosting with a streamlined web application where manufacturers and users can manage devices as well as analyze data transmissions.

Users within an organization manage their IoT devices’ operation over the internet and can visualize their IoT device data quickly and easily using our intuitive web application.

Administrators of an organization are responsible for adding or removing users, tracking user activity, uploading firmware to selected boards, making payments with a credit card, and constructing custom tables for any organization device selected.

Using our software platform, DRIVEN-4 employees, as well as their customers, enjoy improved efficiency and cost when dealing with managing IoT devices.

Our application’s front end uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while the back end is implemented with Flask, MySQL, and SQLAlchemy. An FTP server makes the connection between the MySQL databases and the IoT boards.