CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1999, Vectorform is headquartered in Detroit. Vectorform helps organizations move from an idea to an invention with digital products and hardware solutions. They combine a variety of technologies such as Internet of Things, augmented or virtual reality, and other emergent systems to develop solutions for their clients.

Recognition is an important aspect of Vectorform’s culture. Employees at Vectorform frequently congratulate each other in many informal ways on Microsoft Teams or in meetings. This recognition happens in real time and is not always visible to other employees.

Our Employee Recognition on Blockchain software solves this issue by making recognition publicly accessible to everyone in the workplace. Recognition is viewed through a web application and as messages in the Vectorform Microsoft Teams channel. Our software is integrated in Microsoft Teams as a new tab that mirrors the web application.

When a user sends recognition to a coworker, the system logs it as a transaction in a public ledger. The sender writes a message and specifies the number of tokens they wish to send. These tokens are used to measure appreciation and calculate rankings for a workplace leaderboard. Descriptions and keywords are generated from received messages for each user.

Our system ensures employees are recognized for their performance, improving company morale and culture.

The front end of our software is built using ReactJS, while the back end is implemented using Node.js. Microsoft Azure is used to host our SQL database and web application. Our application utilizes the Harmony blockchain, an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible blockchain. OpenAI is used to create the user descriptions and keywords.