CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Rocket Companies is an expansive family of financial service enterprises, ranging from Rocket Mortgage, the nation’s largest mortgage lender, to Amrock, a leading title insurance provider. Always striving for improvement, Rocket Companies succeeds in helping their clients achieve homeownership and financial freedom.

With the shift to remote work schedules during the pandemic, two major aspects of the work environment important to Rocket Companies have been stifled: natural collaboration and community building. Working from private residences, connections beneficial to productivity and essential to a meaningful work experience are partially lost.

Our Team Member Mapping Application helps to alleviate the issues present with remote workplace communication through a location-based application, enabling Rocket Companies’ employees to find nearby team members for any host of reasons.

The Team Member Mapping Application displays the location of employees in a general area on a map, as well as contains the ability to filter team members that share similar interests or are within certain companies. The user also has the ability to opt out of having their precise location shown, instead having their associated zip code displayed. The user can create events that other users can see and join on the map, whether it is for a work conference or a book club. Through our Team Member Mapping Application, connectivity between employees at Rocket Companies is greatly simplified and enhanced, most notably in a remote setting.

Our front end of the web application is generated using the REACT framework and hosted on Amazon’s AWS Amplify service. The back end is implemented with Node Js within a serverless AWS Lambda. It is used for storing and updating user locations and event data within our MongoDB NoSQL database.