CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1937, Michigan State Federal Credit Union has been working towards financial freedom and security for over 320,000 members. With $6.6 billion in assets and over 900 employees over 21 branches, MSUFCU provides services to help members achieve big dreams.

MSUFCU’s goal to help members achieve big dreams spreads beyond the company. Other credit unions seek support from MSUFCU’s vast financial education content library and have requested to purchase a detailed organization of the content library.

MSUFCU created Ever Green 3C to spearhead the organization and management of the content library. Ever Green 3C has to manually label its library of content, which is a time-consuming process. They need an accurate and efficient way to organize thousands of articles into detailed categories.

Our Ever Green 3C: Financial Education Content Library is a sorting tool used to remove the burden from the Ever Green 3C team manually sorting thousands of documents.

The software enables the Ever Green 3C development team to efficiently identify thousands of articles, their content, their financial categories and their targeted demographics.

Our software stores the financial articles and the respective labels for each article in a database for quick, accurate searching rather than classifying each article on a search-by-search basis. This provides improved speed and efficiency when searching.

The development of this application saves weeks of time for the Ever Green 3C team and turns an otherwise tedious process into a simple push of a button.

Our back-end software is primarily a Python application utilizing ASP.NET to handle the transfer of data to and from a MongoDB database including articles and user searches from the front-end UI developed with a mix of HTML, PHP and JavaScript.