CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

The Mozilla Corporation is behind Firefox, one of the world’s largest web browsers. Mozilla boasts the only browser made by a non-profit, mission-driven organization. Firefox’s open-source development allows users from all over the world to contribute to its improvement and advancement.

Browsing websites can be frustrating due to clutter from ads and images. Firefox’s Reader View feature solves this problem by reducing a page down to the essentials, which is perfect for those accessing websites with a screen reader or requiring better accessibility. Reader View must remove distracting ads, background images and other noisy elements on the page, along with allowing users to customize their web browsing experience.

Our version of Firefox’s Reader View builds on many of the requested additional features, fixes, and improvements to make the website’s raw information even simpler to read and the Reader View experience more enjoyable.

The improved Firefox’s Reader View expands Reader View to cover more heavily used sites, such as Wikipedia. Mozilla’s mission is to make the internet open and accessible to all, and our improvements to Reader View are created with this goal in mind. Fixing previously identified bugs and implementing enhancements expands Reader View’s ability to facilitate uncomplicated online reading for users. By addressing these problems, the user experience and the functionality of Reader View are substantially improved.

Reader View is a feature that lives within the Firefox codebase: a vast piece of software spanning multiple languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C++. The enhancements to Reader View are developed within the Visual Studio Code IDE and released to users in stages via the Firefox Nightly, Beta and Full Release browser applications.