CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Evolutio is a group of technology professionals convinced that business problems have simpler solutions than the market is led to believe. Evolutio works with the non-profit, Elephants, Rhinos and People (ERP), to preserve and protect wild elephants and rhinos in Southern Africa through a distinctive strategy based on rural poverty alleviation. The desired result is that community members have access to income through non-lethal alternatives to poaching.

ERP is constantly taking steps forward to ensure that the poaching problem is being mitigated in the short term, while working towards alleviating poverty in the long term. These steps include elephant relocation, veterinary emergency response units, drought relief programs, threat detection, drone air force, and an extensive reserve ranger program.

Our ERP Reserve Preservation Platform is an intuitive web and mobile application makes the lives of those working on the reserve easier by aiding in the success of these short-term goals.

The platform includes a community member and ranger work scheduling system with notifications built in, a system to view live-stream footage of the reserve for security purposes, a place to view footage from the drone air force, and GPS tracking of elephant migration. The platform contains a quizzing system to evaluate the skills and knowledge of those seeking to be a community member or ranger as well.

The community members and rangers benefit from a single platform to view all reserve security tools and management systems in one single place. This platform makes the quality of life better and daily tasks go smoother for those on the reserve, while dealing with very busy, yet engaging, lives.

The ERP platform is developed with the React Native and Flask framework, alongside Python and JavaScript, and deployed onto Heroku.