CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Delta Dental is the leading provider of dental insurance in the United States. They operate in all 50 states and provide high-quality and cost-effective coverage for nearly one in four Americans.

Professional underwriters and actuaries collect and analyze data to quantify risk for insurance policies in a process called "rate calculation." In the past, Delta Dental employees performed these calculations manually, which was time-consuming.

Delta Dental's solution to modernizing this system is the General RAte Calculation Environment (GRACE). GRACE uses a specialized programming language where users can easily process insurance data.

Our GRACE integrated development environment (IDE) assists Delta Dental developers in effectively writing code for the GRACE system by making it easier to develop programs.

Our software colors important areas of code and underlines errors while typing. Additionally, GRACE IDE suggests variable names and common code structures to save time writing code.

An outline of variables appears alongside the code editor as a quick reference for what kind of information the variable holds. Users can also select one of these variables to instantly go to where the variable first appears in the file.

Our software uses a workspace system for users to quickly navigate between related code files while working on projects. As users open a folder in our software, the files and subfolders add to the workspace. New files created in the software are saved to the workspace at a user’s option.

Our system provides the tools needed in order to expedite GRACE program development, increasing productivity.

Our GRACE IDE is a client-side browser application built with Angular for its user interface, Antlr4 for language processing, and the Monaco Editor for the code editor component.