CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

CSAA Insurance Innovation, a subsidiary of AAA Insurance operating out of Walnut Creek, California, is a top-tier insurance group dedicated to aiding clients in the prevention, preparation, and recovery from life’s uncertainties, challenging itself to serve with the utmost care. Advocating for vehicle and road safety since 1907, they now offer home, auto, and other lines of insurance across 23 states.

To support members, CSAA analysts must accurately investigate auto claims. Improper analysis slows member recovery and planning by presenting a poor understanding of vehicular damage.

Our 3D Scene Reconstruction of Vehicle Accidents provides thorough annotation and damage analysis capabilities within an interactive 3D environment. This augments CSAA’s current system by increasing the speed, detail, and precision with which analysts produce cost estimations.

Using a virtual reality headset or desktop application, analysts can rotate and pan within the generated scene to better examine vehicle conditions, while comparing the original and claimant vehicles as the tool highlights damages. Analysts can create and place annotations on the vehicle to include information regarding the location, severity, cost, and description of damages. Alongside annotations, analysts have access to vehicle and claimant information, a menu for conclusions, the ability to export results, and multiple options regarding screen preferences. Our application improves the ability of analysists to accurately assess vehicular damage for precise analysis of claimants’ vehicles.

The Unity-built user interface leverages a Python back end. It uses API endpoints to verify claimant data against CSAA’s databases, highlights vehicle damages, and reconstructs a 3D model from claimant vehicle videos through NeRF Modeling, producing an interactive OBJ file for analysts.