CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Caxy Interactive is a full-stack digital development company based in Chicago, Illinois. For over 20 years, they have offered solutions for a variety of sectors, including non-profits, startups, and educational programs.

Reliable energy access is not only essential but also fundamental, for developing regions. Caxy Interactive’s focus is to provide accessible energy for central African regions where energy is needed, such as in Cameroon, where less than 27%, or 8 million rural Cameroonians, have minimal access to energy.

Our Remote Energy Distribution Payment Platform (REDPP) offers a lightweight solution for hardware charging stations to support off-grid charging by providing the ability to access, track, and manage energy transactions with SMS and an online interface.

REDPP provides a customer with the capability to credit an account by text. Preloaded with a balance, customers send text messages to the server to withdraw funds for charging electronic devices.

The web application provides different insights depending on the type of the user account. Customers can view their transaction history and add funds. System administrators can set rates, view information about customers, and manage charging stations.

Our application aids in the mission of providing rural regions access to energy sources to support the development of those areas.

Express supports the back end, while the front end uses Pug, an HTML pre-processor. Web app sessions use Firebase Authentication to manage users’ web interactions. Non-sensitive account information and transactions use MongoDB. Stripe is used to process fund additions to accounts by using secure API calls. The cloud application platform, Heroku, provides the server to host the web application. SMS is connected to the server through the Twilio API.