CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Ally Financial is a financial services company based in Detroit, Michigan, operating as one of the largest car finance companies in the United States. Ally offers online banking and online trading, bolstering the services they provide for their customers.

Acquiring loans is an important utility Ally provides its clients. However, sometimes customers desire to borrow a small sum of money and don’t want to go through a potentially lengthy process of submission and approval to do it.

Our P2P Lending Platform enables Ally clients to quickly loan each other money without the need for a bank to be a middleman.

Both lenders and borrowers can enroll in the platform. If a borrower is looking for a loan, they can simply post a loan request. Lenders can view this request and choose whether to accept it or not. Competitive interest rates are charged, and instant loan payout is supported.

The ability to combine loans ensures the best possible rate, granting even more flexibility. Lenders earn money by funding these loan requests from interest when clients repay their loans. Our software calculates risk scores for each loan to help lenders understand how likely the borrower is to be able to repay the money.

Our system facilitates quick and streamlined moneylending between users in a decentralized system, providing clients a quick way to acquire a loan.

Our front end is created using React and backed by Node.js, enabling us to manage and communicate among different software technologies.

Our back end is handled over the Ethereum blockchain to ensure quick and private ether transfers. This decentralized approach makes it possible for clients to use our P2P Lending Platform anywhere.