CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science is an internationally renowned solutions company with a passion for solving data-driven problems. Headquartered in Detroit, Urban Science specializes in providing science-based solutions for the automotive, health and retail industries.

Within the automotive industry, Urban Science provides deep-data insights that dealerships use to improve their business. These dealerships frequently encounter the challenge of facing numerous metrics to analyze, making it difficult to determine which areas of their business need the greatest improvement.

Our Virtual Dealership Adviser targets these areas by allowing dealership employees to ask specific or general questions on how to improve segments of their business. For example, a user may ask: “How can I improve my SUV sales?”

Users choose between areas of improvement relevant to their question or those that offer the most room for improvement overall. Actionable solutions related to their area of improvement are then presented to the user, such as “optimize inventory mix to meet consumer demand” or “leverage sales leads to find additional interest in your area.”

Using our intuitive interface, dealership employees can find quick, data-driven solutions, allowing them to respond effectively to their market.

Our Virtual Dealership Adviser is accessible through Android, iOS and web browsers. Our databases are hosted in Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure is used for hosting and language processing services.