CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2017
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 2013, Avata Intelligence leads the security industry in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics solutions including AVA, an intuitive AI application, which is used in a variety of sectors including public safety and defense.

For example, AVA can be used to analyze past crime records to predict when and where future crimes are likely to occur. With this knowledge, law enforcement can patrol exactly when and where crimes are most likely to occur, thereby increasing safety and security.

Our Configuration Setup Tool is a web app used by Avata engineers to aid in the onboarding process of new clients, specifically targeting police and law enforcement agencies.

Previously, in order to onboard a new client, an Avata engineer would obtain information about them by manually reading through PDF files and printouts and then writing computer scripts to enter this information into a database.

Our Configuration Setup Tool provides an intuitive user interface to streamline the new-client onboarding process. Our app automatically generates the appropriate MySQL or MsSQL script needed by an engineer to add a new client into the Avata client database.

By automating the onboarding process, Avata is reducing their time and cost spent on customer acquisition.

The front-end of our Configuration Setup Tool is written using ArcGIS, a JavaScript API. The back-end is implemented in Java with Spring Boot.