CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Whirlpool Corporation, headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is the world’s leading major home appliance company with approximately $22 billion in annual sales and 69,000 employees. Whirlpool’s goal is to improve home life through the production of a variety of home appliances.

With this in mind, our Guided Recipe Augmentation system eliminates the variability of home cooking through the Assisted Cooking with Temperature (ACT) mobile application that guides users as they cook at home, ensuring they get the best results.

One of the largest hurdles a new home cook can encounter is properly managing the cooking temperature of their stovetop. The ACT mobile application converts traditional power level cooking into a more intuitive cooking experience using real temperature values to ensure the perfect meal every time.

Utilizing Whirlpool’s induction cooktops, the ACT mobile application is able to seamlessly assist a home cook, step by step, through a recipe while automatically adjusting the temperature of the cooktop without any user intervention. Additionally, users are able to control the recipe instruction process with voice commands or gestures to command their mobile device back and forth between different recipe steps.

Our ACT mobile application streamlines the cooking process to alleviate the stress of home cooking, thus bringing it to more homes. All of the recipes are hand-crafted by Whirlpool’s food scientists to ensure steps are simple and easy to follow.

The ACT mobile application is built using Dart, a programming language developed by Google for simultaneous Android and iOS development. Our application communicates with the induction cooktop via a WebSocket protocol. Lastly, storage is being handled using MongoDB hosted by Microsoft Azure.