CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science is a global data-driven company headquartered in Detroit that has provided tailored insights and solutions for the automotive industry since 1977. As a global company that has served every major automaker, Urban Science analyzes the market to pinpoint issues and propel success for their clients.

Cars are generating more data than ever, from data on tire pressure and engine status to error warnings and alert acknowledgements. Although dealerships are saving this data, they do not know how to use it effectively. With this lack of data utilization, dealerships may be missing opportunities to gain insights on their business that are present in this telematic data.

Our Dealership Parts and Service Telematic Insights web application solves this problem by drawing insights through analytical processing and visualization.

Our web application can be used on any web browser, ensuring that all users have the ability to utilize its functions. Dealers have the choice of viewing telematic data as a filterable table or as an interactive map. Dealers select a date range to decide what data and insights are shown on the table and interactive map.

The filterable table holds relevant data to improve the speed of access of related telematic data. Data can be displayed on a dealership-by-dealership basis and filtered with the use of the search bar.

The interactive map visualizes the journey of cars to dealerships in order to resolve various vehicle alerts. Dealers have the option to select a dealership and navigate to the filterable table to find information on the business of the dealership.

The front end of our Dealership Parts and Service Telematic Insights application is built using Angular, Typescript, HTML, and CSS. The back end uses the .NET Core 6.0 framework APIs in C# that are connected to a SQL Server database.