CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines, based in Chicago, Illinois, has been one of the most important airlines in the United States for almost a century, flying over a hundred million passengers each year on its fleet of over 850 aircraft.

Maintaining this incredible fleet requires constant maintenance, and United Airlines has a network of vendors across the globe to keep its planes in good condition. Vendors repair and replace airplane parts with frequent inspections by United Airlines’ auditors, who make sure each vendor is following the best practices.

Our new Audit Management System makes this process easier for auditors with the implementation of a virtual portal that enables auditors to move smoothly through the list of audits and checklists, reducing the chance for mistakes.

Auditors access our app on an iPad when visiting vendors. During the audit, they can log any issues directly on the iOS app and keep track of the progress they have made.

Our iOS app saves an audit and automatically uploads it to our website accessible by the vendors so the vendor associated can respond to any issues found by the auditor. After the vendor responds, our iOS app displays their response next to the respective finding on the audit.

Historical audits for the vendor are always shown, so that auditors can quickly view past errors, assess the fixes, and be confident that all issues are properly resolved.

Online audits are standardized, so any auditor can easily compare and understand information from past audits, further decreasing the risk of inconsistencies.

With the Audit Management System in place, United Airlines can make sure that the airline is safer than ever.

Our application is written in Swift and connects to a back-end database through an API hosted by Amazon Web Services.