CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Stryker is a Fortune 500 company that provides world class medical equipment to hospitals worldwide. From surgical equipment to neurotechnology, Stryker impacts more than 100 million patients annually.

With so many medical kits being shipped internationally, Stryker must ensure that every single kit is accounted for and tracked in their system, which requires a reliable history of transactions to determine the progress of each kit in the supply chain.

Our Technology Driven Inventory Optimization increases transparency throughout every step of the delivery process using a web application.

When a user opens the dashboard, they are shown statistics about all medical kit deliveries along with a map of their locations. This map is updated in real time and can be selected for a more in-depth view. GPS sensors attached to each medical kit provide up-to-date location data.

Statistics such as shipment history and status are viewable from the dashboard. To ensure the shipment history is secure, transactions are logged on the blockchain which provides safeguards against malicious actors.

Stryker personnel use the dashboard and map view together to identify any problems that have occurred during shipping to address them immediately.

Our software provides much-needed transparency during each step of delivery of medical supply kits, increasing efficiency and aiding in discovering any problems as soon as they occur.

The front end of the web app uses ReactJS, while the back end is built on AWS’s Amazon Managed Blockchain Service. Pebble sensors are responsible for sending location data which is queried by AWS AppSync and stored in a DynamoDB table.