CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

RPM is an international logistics corporation which specializes in end-to-end transportation of freight and automobiles. On a monthly basis, RPM’s carriers deliver 40,000 automobiles and 15,000 freight shipments. The company has headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The logistics and shipping industry is extremely competitive and dynamic, with carriers ranging from one-man operations to mega fleets. Thus, building carrier relationships is critical. While on the road, carriers use their phones to locate deliveries, making RPM’s app an integral part of its business.

Our RPM Drive Mobile App Extension and Enhancements system improves the in-app experience for carriers, thus increasing client retention.

Our innovative bidding system provides an opportunity for carriers and RPM to negotiate the optimal price for each shipment through an intuitive, elegant and interactive bid engine. Carriers see shipment details, bid on preferred shipments, check auction status, and receive notifications on their bid status.

The suggestion page displays personalized shipments for carriers in one place, eliminating the hassle of manually finding loads that meet their criteria. An accompanying search page gives carriers the freedom to refine a lookup.

The rewards program incentivizes client loyalty. Users accumulate rewards points as they complete well-executed shipments. Drivers are able to select from a selection of gift card offerings, redeem their points in app, and receive their gift card virtually.

Our system utilizes C# and Xamarin to enable platform-agnostic development on the front end. The back end employs tools and databases from Microsoft Azure, and Python’s scikit-learn library enables our machine learning models.