CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Roosevelt Innovations is a software company that creates solutions for insurance providers. The team at Roosevelt Innovations started at Delta Dental of Michigan, where they produced software that enabled Delta Dental Plans Association to insure over 83 million Americans. Roosevelt Innovations branched off from Delta Dental of Michigan to create company-agnostic software for all insurance providers.

A ubiquitous challenge faced by insurance companies is accurately assessing risk. Actuaries and underwriters develop complicated formulas involving many factors, which must be updated frequently to appropriately charge for coverage. A common solution to this problem utilizes complex spreadsheets that actuaries and underwriters must learn and maintain to calculate their coverage rate.

Our DSL IDE Test Harness reimagines how actuaries and underwriters assess risk and facilitates the calculation of rates. Our application extends Roosevelt Innovations’ revolutionary approach to rate calculation by providing a way for actuaries and underwriters to test their formulas quickly and conveniently.

Using our software, testing a formula is as easy as selecting it, entering the appropriate information, and clicking ‘Submit.’ After submitting their data measurements, a rate calculation is displayed to the user.

Our application streamlines the process of developing, testing, and distributing formulas used by insurance companies among actuaries and underwriters. This enables companies to appropriately assess risk, which ensures that they remain profitable.

Our application’s front end is built using Angular and dynamically displays input fields when a test is run. The back end utilizes a Java microservice that provides the rate calculation files and performs the calculation once the input is provided.