CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Meijer is a Midwest supermarket chain headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pioneers of the supermarket concept, Meijer has over 250 stores across six states.

Simply Give is a signature program that partners with local food pantries to feed hungry families and has raised over $75 million. Customers have the option to purchase $10 Simply Give donation cards in-store or during an online order, which are converted to food-only gift cards and donated directly to local pantries. Meijer wants to extend the reach of the Simply Give program and analyze the community’s support toward local pantries.

Our Meijer Simply Give Automation system is a standalone digital giving option, enabling customers to make Simply Give contributions directly to the Meijer store of their choosing. Our app makes it possible for anyone to contribute any amount from their phone or computer.

Users pick the Meijer location they want to contribute to and view the specific food pantry partnered with each store. This gives users the option to contribute to any community, which was previously not possible. No account is necessary, however users with mPerks accounts can sign in to use saved payment methods and easily contribute to their home store.

Contribution data is analyzed automatically, and produces analytics reports for Meijer employees. This helps Meijer identify issues and make corrective actions for the Simply Give program.

Simply Give Automation increases the program’s digital customer contribution and expands the ability to digitally market the program to provide additional assistance to communities.

Our system is a web and mobile app. The front ends are developed with ReactJS and React Native, respectively. Our back end is written in Node.js and is connected to an Azure SQL database.