CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

For more than 65 years, Magna has been delivering innovative solutions tackling the automotive industry’s toughest challenges. As a mobility technology company and North America's largest automotive supplier, Magna’s capabilities span across the entire vehicle, working with all major global automakers including BMW, Nissan and GM.

With the goal of significantly reducing last mile delivery costs and carbon emissions in cities, Magna built an all-electric, autonomous delivery robot, leveraging hardware and software from Magna’s automotive products. The delivery robot is a pilot program and has delivered hundreds of pizzas since March 2022.

Magna monitors the performance of these robots and collects vast amounts of raw data, which can be challenging to understand and interpret. Our Dashboard for Data Visualization system presents this data in ways that make it easier for Magna engineers to organize, understand and interpret.

Magna employees and their partners access the dashboard from their company website and see the simplified data of the fleet on a daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime basis. These dashboards show trends in the data for things such as battery consumption and travel distance.

Our software shows clear trends, thereby enabling Magna engineers to implement any necessary modifications to improve efficiency of the fleet.

Magna acquires the data on its fleet through the vehicle sensors and GraphHopper routing API. Magna holds this data in an Amazon Web Service (AWS) database. The data is pulled into MySQL by a Python script, which sends information to Amazon QuickSight, where the dashboards are created. The dashboards are integrated into Magna’s website, hosted by AWS, and coded using the Vue.js framework.