CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Kellogg's, one of “America’s Most Trusted Brands,” is a leading producer of snacks and cereals. The Battle Creek, Michigan company produces popular items such as Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its and Frosted Flakes with the assistance of its 31,000 employees.

Kellogg’s has a market presence in 180 countries and interacts with an abundance of customers. The Kellogg’s Global Business Services (GBS) team ensures communication between employees and customers remains mutually beneficial and accessible. The GBS team achieves this through a large suite of applications.

With many applications focused on features and use cases, it is inevitable that some of them may no longer have the official Kellogg’s look and feel.

Our Templatize R Development via Design Thinking system provides a platform to help Kellogg’s employees create new applications and update existing applications while conforming to all of Kellogg’s current design requirements.

Employees can preview and download various standardized application elements by using a series of dashboards housed on our platform. This removes the need for developers to manually confirm that they are conforming to all requirements.

Our theme-previewing system displays common webpage elements and themes, which enables developers to quickly decide on a predefined look for their next application and not worry about design standards.

Using our app, Kellogg’s employees can unite the look and feel of the GBS applications by applying consistent themes and branding material to upcoming projects and applications, thereby producing a seamless company image.

Users access the dashboards via a web app built in R, with R-Shiny for the user interface. The data is stored in MySQL, and the themes are created using CSS.