CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Atomic Object is a custom software design and development consultancy that builds mobile and web apps, creates device IoT software, and provides cloud capabilities to their clients. They are an employee-owned organization with branches in Ann Arbor, Chicago, and Grand Rapids.

Each Atomic Object office has a dashboard displayed on a television. This dashboard highlights important individual employee metrics such as billable hours and employee blog-post due dates. This dashboard is essential to keep track of employee metrics, but it is currently outdated and needs to be reworked to increase efficiency.

Our Custom Data Visualization Dashboard enables users to view this important employee data more easily and effectively than ever before within a new, attractive application.

This dashboard includes blog post deadlines and billable hours, and many other components including an events calendar, trending blog posts, and charts highlighting revenue and utilization rates.

Our admin page enables Atomic Object employees to customize each office’s dashboard separately. Employees can edit a dashboard by turning on and off displays as they choose. The admin page provides a few preset combinations to display components from specific categories.

The built-in presets include Financial, which shows the financial metrics, and Social, which includes company events and an employee spotlight. The Default preset shows a combination of the two. Employees may save their edits as new presets to make changing visualizations easy.

Our dashboard is a React application that uses HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap for the front end. For the back end, we combine internal data from Atomic Object pushed to our Firebase database with Google Sheets data and user preset information.