CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2022
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Ally is one of the top 25 financial holding companies in the United States and a leader in digital financial services. Ally offers financial products for consumers, businesses, automotive dealers, and corporate clients in their commitment to developing platforms and digital experiences for a variety of needs.

Ally takes pride in their organization culture. They believe the ability to influence change comes from the people and community that are found within their business. Ally puts a strong emphasis on such company values so their employees continue to flourish from the positive impact of a healthy work environment.

Ally employees use our web application, Ally Kudos, as an intuitive way to strengthen the connections among coworkers. Employees log into Ally Kudos to send recognitions and ‘Kudos’ points to their coworkers. Kudos can be sent for anything ranging from a coworker sharing their hot chocolate to someone giving guidance and training to a less experienced coworker.

Our application shows users their messages sent and received over time along with their current Kudos points, which they can redeem for rewards.

When sending Kudos, users type a personalized message or use suggested phrases for ideas. With added touch-ups to the message such as gifs and text styles, our application offers a more fun and rewarding experience that improves upon basic thank-you emails.

Having pleasant interactions between one another boosts company morale and overall productivity. Ally Kudos enhances the appreciation Ally employees share with one another.

Ally Kudos is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is powered by the React framework. Our web app interacts with employee data using Sequelize and Express to connect to AWS RDS and offers machine learning capabilities using Python.