CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science is a global data-driven company headquartered in Detroit that has provided tailored insights and solutions for the automotive industry since 1977. As a global company that has served every major automaker, Urban Science analyzes the market to pinpoint issues and propel success for their clients.

One of the most profitable components of automotive business is aftersales, the parts and services sold after a car is purchased. Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs) vastly outnumber dealers, dominating the aftersales sector. Without comprehensive information on IRFs, dealers miss an opportunity to increase customer retention and grow service revenue.

Our Independent Repair Facility Insights web application alleviates this gap of market knowledge through leveraging telematics data. Telematics systems in vehicles monitor a wide range of information including vehicle location, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity.

Using the telematics data, users are notified of what IRFs customers are selecting over the dealership for aftersales. This information is displayed on our web application and provides dealers with information such as IRF rankings and analysis on top- performing IRFs in their area of responsibility.

Users gain insights into the competitive landscape of aftersales through data visualizations and an interactive map. Leveraging clustering analysis and natural language processing, tailored solutions are generated for each dealer.

Our software enables the user to efficiently survey telematics data, explore critical components of IRFs, and utilize our data-driven solutions to better compete with IRFs and increase sales.

Our application is built using Angular, Typescript, HTML and CSS. The back end uses ASP.NET Core 5.0 APIs written in C# and is connected to an Azure SQL Database.