s Rocket Companies

CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

The Rocket Companies are made up of 15 publicly traded companies involved in many different industries, including mortgages, fintech, real estate, automotive and more. They employ over 26,000 team members and are committed to providing the best team member experience they can.

More and more companies are taking strides to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of their team members. Our ROCKY: Team Challenge Application improves the team member experience by promoting wellness with a fun and interactive web application.

ROCKY provides a platform for Rocket team members to compete in challenges against other team members to promote wellbeing, community and productivity. Challenges can measure any number of attributes such as steps walked, hours volunteered, and loans closed.

Challenges can be created as either team or individual challenges. To join a team challenge, team members can create a team, join an already existing team, or enter the challenge as free agents, who are assigned to teams at the start of the challenge. Team members who create a team can send invites out to other team members to join their team.

The challenges page has a list of all active challenges a team member can join and details about the challenges. This list can be filtered by the category of the challenge, the attribute being measured, or whether it is a team or individual challenge.

The user’s home page contains information about the challenges that user is currently participating in as well as any pending invitations to join a team challenge.

The front-end user interface of ROCKY is built in Angular. The back-end data is stored in an Amazon Aurora database with a .NET Core RESTful API to query the database.