CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Malleable Minds is an emerging startup, building the world’s most extensive collection of PreK-12 programs from the arts to the sciences so students can further develop academic, interpersonal, and communication skills.

The internet allows individuals across the globe to gain access to educational opportunities they previously could not. Despite this, children’s educational programs are scattered across the web. This disorganization makes it difficult to make a custom education plan for a child. There is a need for a centralized way to explore and compare educational programs.

Malleable Minds’ flagship program is a review aggregator that allows for easy browsing and comparison of PreK-12 educational programs. Parents and educators use the site to create and read reviews of these programs, offering the user a centralized platform for exploring educational programs online.

Our Review Aggregator for Educational Programs project builds many features on top of the existing review aggregator website and improves site performance.

The site’s users benefit from several new additions. Our recommendation engine provides the user with tailored suggestions for new educational programs based on their interests. Parents can track their children’s progress towards developing new skills with the new skill system. Additionally, users are awarded different statuses based on their contributions to the site.

Malleable Minds administrators can view usage statistics on the activity dashboard and use this information to improve the site.

Our enhanced site is faster, more efficient and includes new features that enrich the user experience.

Our software uses React on the front end and Python on the back end. We host our software on Amazon Web Services, and our user activity dashboards are stored on Metabase.