CSE498, Collaborative Design, Fall 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Operating for over 20 years, Atomic Object is a software design and development consultancy based out of the Midwest cities of Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and Chicago. Atomic Object has worked with over 175 clients and created over 250 applications across different industries, from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Learning management systems are utilized by many educational institutions to administer, track and deliver course materials and student work. Popular offerings provide many features to manage and engage in course activities but fail to deliver them in a simple and intuitive application.

Our Stroodle: Learning Management System provides tools for students and instructors alike to participate in online courses while streamlining the user experience.

Students are provided a dashboard with a summary of important information for all their enrolled courses. They can access individual course pages to interact with material prepared by the instructor.

Instructors manage their course by uploading documents, such as reading materials or assignments, for their students to view. They can also organize upcoming events and deadlines for their students on the course calendar.

Easy quiz creation is supported to assess students. The results of these quizzes are available in a student’s gradebook along with scores of other graded assignments. Students are sent push notifications when instructors send out announcements.

Our software supports all the key features of learning management systems without any of the confusing aspects, streamlining course management and decreasing wasted time.

The Stroodle front end is built using ReactJS and React Native. The back end is built using Node.js and Express.js, which communicates with a PostgreSQL database.