CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Vectorform was founded in Detroit in 1999 and has provided a platform for many leading brands to solve big problems with inventions emerging at the forefront of technology. They work with a variety of technologies including hardware engineering, Internet of Things, augmented reality and virtual reality in their solutions.

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented number of employees worldwide to work from home. This has created many problems that need to be solved. One such problem is that of providing interactive learning in a remote environment.

Our Remote Teams AR Training platform helps mitigate these problems with a Microsoft Teams application that gives instructors and students the tools needed to succeed in a remote learning environment.

Our instructor application allows educators to display 3D objects in a Microsoft Teams video stream (shown on the right), and provides a framework to present questions in real time to trainees that are saved for analysis of trainee progress.

When planning a lecture, instructors are given an intuitive interface to select and test various 3D object files on their video feed. Instructors can then present these 3D objects with themselves and other training materials in the background when they hold a live lecture to make their lecture more engaging to the trainees.

Our software also allows instructors to quiz trainees on the topics being discussed, which can then be analyzed to make sure that trainees are learning the material properly.

The 3D object manipulation aspect of our program is implemented as a C# program which interfaces with the camera feed for Microsoft Teams. The quiz portion of our program utilizes JavaScript to make a custom Microsoft Teams module. Both sides of the program connect to an SQLite database, which stores the quiz and 3D object information.