CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Malleable Minds is an emerging startup building the world’s most extensive collection of PreK-12 programs, from the arts to the sciences, so students can further develop academic, interpersonal, and communication skills. Malleable Minds is breaking barriers to educational opportunities and empowering families to create a tailored educational roadmap for their children, leading them to bright futures.

Malleable Minds continually strives to bring the best user experience when designing their application. They currently have a review aggregator for educational programs.

Our Improving Access to PreK-12 Educational Opportunities project builds many features on top of the existing review aggregator website and improves site performance.

The site’s users benefit from several new additions. When a user creates an account, a walkthrough shows key site features. Users are kept up to date through customized notifications based on type of user profile, location, and what areas they are interested in. User surveys capture feedback about the site’s features and potential future improvements.

Administrative users also gain additional functionality. The administrative workflow page allows for authentication of applicants requesting either a program owner or educator account.

Site administrators can view a user dashboard with details about how the site is being used. The dashboard provides data such as when users log in, search for programs, write reviews, and more.

Our enhanced site is more efficient, faster, and includes more features that enhance the user experience and track usage metrics and user feedback, allowing Malleable Minds administrators to continually improve the site.

Our software uses React on the front end and Python on the back end. We host our software on Amazon Web Services.