CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

CSAA Insurance Group (CSAA) is a subsidiary of AAA Insurance operating out of Walnut Creek, California. CSAA offers auto, homeowners, and other lines of insurance in twenty-three different states and the District of Columbia.

Purchasing insurance is a time-consuming and difficult process that often leaves customers annoyed and confused. CSAA is always innovating insurance and wants to educate their customers on possible insurance coverage options.

Our Insurance Coverage Wizard is a tool designed to help customers quickly and easily receive a personalized insurance quote. The wizard consists of a series of questions to help it learn more about the user and their insurance needs. The wizard then guides the user through various types of insurance coverages to better inform the customer of their insurance options.

The Insurance Coverage Wizard includes eight steps, each of which educates the user about a specific coverage and how it pertains to them. Using the knowledge from the wizard, users can confidently build an insurance plan that is right for them.

Our wizard is accessible from any computer or smartphone and is designed to keep the user engaged with the material to provide them the best experience possible.

To achieve the best experience for their customers, CSAA collects data on how users interact with the wizard. This data is available to CSAA employees in a PowerBI dashboard. With this user engagement information, CSAA constantly updates the wizard to improve the insurance buying process for their customers.

Our software uses a ReactJS front end to communicate user input to the .NET Core back end. Data is hosted in a MySQL database. All of this is deployed on an Amazon EC2 Instance.