CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Authoritek is a software consultant company that provides their clients with purpose driven software that manages their data. They are located in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.

Emergency situations are stressful, both for those involved and their loved ones. During times like these, the ability to stay informed and inform others is key. It is vital that the user experience is quick and simple so precious time is not wasted.

Our software, Crisis911 Emergency, is used in schools when staff encounters an emergency situation that puts them or students in danger. With the help of this application, users can notify loved ones or other faculty in the school of the situation. The software is simple yet effective in notifying individuals who need to be updated about a crisis.

The application has a live feed for crisis updates that can be sent out to whomever the user wants to notify. That feed contains updates of the situation and continues to be updated until the crisis has ended. This allows parents, faculty and guardians to be aware of what is happening in the school without being present.

A key element of Crisis911 Emergency is the ability to have live updates on the crisis at hand, which the user can select when starting the event. This means users in the system receive all information and everyone can be kept safe.

A mobile and web application are available for users to operate, with both being able to indicate the start and end of a crisis. Users can choose who they want to notify by adding contacts through the web application and creating new events to further articulate what type of crisis is happening. Crisis911 Emergency keeps all parties updated about crises in real time.

Our application’s back-end database is managed through Google Firebase. The design and functionality of the application is accomplished with React Native, ReactJS, HTML, CSS and Twilio.