CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2016
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Urban Science delivers consulting and software solutions that help automotive clients increase market share and boost profitability through high performing retail networks.

Automobile dealerships are responsible for purchasing their own inventory from their manufacturer. The dealer’s goal is to purchase the correct quantity and selection of vehicles so as to optimize profitability and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Dealers must consider many factors before making a purchase, such as consumer demand, current inventory and manufacturer allotments.

Our Dealership Inventory Solution provides a web application that enables dealers to optimize their purchasing power by making inventory purchasing recommendations. The system considers many factors, while still allowing the dealer to make the final decisions. Our web app also consolidates multiple systems by showing dealers their current and on-order inventory.

In addition to the web application, our system includes Apple and Android phone apps for dealership customers to view a dealer’s inventory. Customers can not only determine whether a particular car is in stock, but can also find out where that car is on the dealership lot.

Our web app is built with Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery, with a Microsoft SQL Server database. Our mobile apps are built with Ionic, which uses AngularJS, CSS and HTML to deploy versions of our app to both Apple and Android devices.