Team 10. Urban Science

Web-Based Geography Management

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Winner of the Crowe Horwath Sigma Award

It's difficult to look at columns of numbers and try to visualize data trends. Whether you want to develop sales territories, or plan a marketing program based on demographic data, Web-Based Geography Management is the answer.

This software is designed to facilitate the geographical visualization and analysis of marketing territories for companies with many merchandisers, distributors or dealers.

The major features of Web-Based Geography Management revolve around the seamless retrieval and grouping of massive amounts of census tract geographies. Census tracts are population areas of 1,500-8,000 people and are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

With this application, a user can assign a group of census tracts to a merchandiserís Primary Marketing Area (PMA). The user is then able to assign a group of PMAs to a higher level of aggregation called a Market. The software realizes a hierarchy of aggregations that can go beyond the Market level.

At the core of the Web-Based Geography Management software is a database that processes the geographies, a web service to correctly retrieve and send the data, and a web browser interface to render the geographies to the end user.

Web-Based Geography Management ultimately provides a method to increase profits through a visual understanding of marketing territories and an easy-to-use web interface to modify spatial data anywhere a web browser is available.

Jeffrey Smith, Jeremy Kocks, Jason Weber

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