Team 2. Auto-Owners Insurance

Telephone Log Self-Service Dashboard

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Winner of the Auto-Owners Exposition Award

Auto-Owners Insurance Company is one of the premier insurance companies in the nation. Over the years, they have consistently provided their customers with great service while maintaining affordable rates.

Minimizing company costs and effectively managing time are key factors in maintaining a high level of customer service. Employees need to make proper use of company resources, as well as give each customer the same level of attention.

Working with Auto-Owners Insurance Company, we developed a web application called the Telephone Log Self-Service Dashboard. With this dashboard, managers can set thresholds for their employees' call usage, which can then be used to monitor usage of company resources and make sure that each unitís clients are receiving the service they need.

When a manager logs in to the dashboard, he or she is shown a list of any recent threshold breaches. The manager can then go to the call logs page to look up the phone records to determine which actions should be taken. The call logs page also allows the manager to generate reports for call data.

On the Preferences page, managers can set values for thresholds. They can also select which thresholds will be applied to their units and set the date ranges for viewing breaches and generating reports.

The dashboard is written in C# and ASP.NET using the .NET framework 3.5. The database is SQL Server 2005.

Daniel Chandonnet, Steve Springer, Michael Eaton, Gina Chernoby

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