Team 6. Microsoft

Application Health Monitoring System

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Information Technology operators for Microsoft products currently lack the means to monitor and track the health of their applications running on their servers.

Often these applications were written by someone other than the IT Operator and as such they do not have the intricate technical knowledge of the application.  This poses a problem when they need to analyze lower level components of the application, such as variables, events and exceptions.

One such example would be a web application for ordering pizzas from a pizzeria. If the owner of the pizzeria would like to track the number of orders placed and view the data over time, he may have a hard time doing so.

To solve this problem the owner could utilize our application health monitoring system. This would enable the owner to view pizza order tracking data in real time and view trends.

 The application health monitoring system we have developed provides IT operators with the feedback they need about how their server applications are operating in real time. They can then use this information to determine the health of the applications they oversee.

Unlike troubleshooting, the health monitor is proactive; this allows operators to notice trends before an actual failure occurs. This will also help provide an entry point to troubleshooting an application.

The web interface of this system is composed of web parts on a Windows SharePoint site. Most of the development was done with C# and Silverlight technologies.

Matthew Mason, Chris Monosmith, Tom Alexander, Bruno Summer,
Andrew Keller

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