Design Day Photo Gallery, Spring 2008

With the setup complete, the CSE capstone teams are ready to go.

So, when are the guests arriving?

Finally, the Design Day visitors begin to arrive.

Professor Dyksen address a crowd of MSU alumni.

Area high school students check out Team Microsoft.

Design Day guests fly Team Boeing's Poseidon P-8A simulator.

The senior capstone projects displayed in the MSU Union.

Team Toro answers questions about their new software for the Toro Irritrol lawn irrigation system controller.

Team Boeing: Steve Emelander, Nick Thrower, Tom Stark, and Scott Walenty.

Dean Satish Udpa congratulates Team Ford.

The Design Day guests explore the capstone presentations.

Team TechSmith: Ian Taylor, Keith Barnes, Mike Harriman, and Mike Ezzo.

Team Microsoft's Kirsten Partyka hands out cool swag to some local high school students.

Jared Wein makes a few last minute adjustments for team MATRIX.

Team Auto-Owners: Ken Davidson, Nick Frattaroli, and Clayton Boylan.

Area high school students check out Team TechSmith's Screen Recorder for Linux.

Team Toro shows off their sprinkler system controller to local high school students.

Teams Sircon and TechSmith huddle to discuss last minute, pre-show strategies.

Team Motorola: Kyle Shumaker, Matt Filipiak, Dan Savoie, and Tamy Liang.

Team Toro's Dan Fiordalis, Stephanie Cook, and Matt Grabow wearing official Toro gear.

Team IBM presenting to the Design Day Judges and guests.

Team Ford's Colin Nemchik explains the Ford Senor Showroom to a prospective MSU student and his parents.

Team Sircon: Mark Aikman, Andrew Blossom, Akif Catal, and Matt Newman.

An interested Design Day guest reads Team Sircon's poster about their Workflow Editor for AutoPilot.

Team IBM's Jordan Fish answers questions about their POWER Hypervisor Testing Suite.

Team MATRIX: Chris Samiadji-Benthin, Dustin Manning, Chung-Hi Kim, and Jared Wein.

CSE Professor George Stockman quizzes Team Boeing about floating point numbers and precision.

Team IBM answers questions about their project for a Design Day guest.

Team TechSmith presents their Screen Recorder for Linux to Design Day visitors.

Dean Satish Upda listens to Team Ford's description of their sensor mesh network.

Design Day guests learn about Team Auto-Owners's Vendor Tracking System from team member Clayton Boylan

A prospective student and his dad look over Boeing recruiting materials with team member Steve Emelander.

Microsoft's Ski Skierkowski of Redmond, Washington snaps pictures while his colleague, Shailesh Sani, recharges his internal caffiene supply.

Team TechSmith presents to the judges while TechSmith's Randy Schott, Tony Lambert, and Jennifer Middlin listen intently.

Sircon's Colleen Heathman and Becca Hafer check out Team Sircon's booth.

Team Microsoft: Sean Murphy, Charles Otto, Kirsten Partyka, and Rob Meyer.

Team Boeing answers questions about their Poseidon P-8A flight simulator from Dean Satish Upda.

One final adjustment before the presentation to the judges.

Jordan Fish with his proud dad.

Stephanie Cook talks with her proud mom.

Team Motorola with their corporate project mentor Kabe VanderBaan (right) of Motorola from Schaumburg, Illinois.

An area high school student learns about Team IBM's POWER Hypervisor Testing Suite.

Dean Satish Udpa admires Team Boeing's Poseidon P-8A flight simulator.

Team Microsoft poses with their corporate project mentors Shailesh Saini (left) and Ski Skierkowski (middle) from Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.

Judges Karen Wrobel of Chrysler, Brian Loomis of Microsoft, and Kevin Ohl of Crowe Chizek listen intently to Team Toro's presentation.

Team Microsoft relaxes with their Microsoft mentors Shailesh Sani and Ski Skierkowski.

CSE Professor Abdol Esfahanian learns about Team Motorola's Advanced Network Fault Management system.

Team TechSmith poses with their corporate mentors Randy Schott (far left) and Tony Lambert (second from left) of TechSmith in Okemos, Michigan.

Team Toro responds to the judges questions as their corporate mentor, Nathan Fujimoto (right, rear) of Toro in Riverside, California looks on.

Professor Matt Mutka (left) and Bob Buchanan (right), CIO of Auto-Owners Insurance pose with the Auto-Owners team.

CSE Chairperson and Design Day judge Matt Mutka listens to Team Auto-Owner's Ken Davidson explain their Vendor Tracking System.

Judge Kevin Ohl of Crowe Chizek discusses the Web-Based Multi-User Drawing Surface with Team Microsoft.

Judge Erica Ciupak, CIO of MSU's College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, learns about Team Motorola's Advanced Network Fault Management system.

Design Day Judge Naim Falandino of Covisint investigates Team TechSmith's Screen Recorder for Linux.

Judge Karen Wrobel of Chrysler asks Team MATRIX questions about their project, Distributed Checksum Calculations for KORA.

Design Day Judge Brian Loomis of Micrsoft visits with Team IBM.

Judges Naim Falandino and Kevin Ohl gang up on Team TechSmith.

Team Toro talks over the architecture of their WPF-Based Interface for Irritrol with Judge Brian Loomis of Microsoft.

Team TechSmith celebrates the end of a long and grueling Design Day.

Matt Newman of Team Sircon tries one last time to jump ship and join Team Motorola.

Team IBM's Jordan Fish ends their presentation by singing the MSU fight song.

Microsoft's Shailesh Sani and Ski Skierkowski await the post Design Day intense debriefing session.

Kyle Shumaker of Team Motorola demonstrates the levitating Motorola swag.

Team Microsoft's Charles Otto reacts to Judge Kevin Ohl's suggested improvements.

Judge Karen Wrobel of Chrysler wins the Biggby Coffee Caffiene Award.

Colin Nemchik of Team Ford shows off his cache of swag.

Team Toro's Matt Grabow says a quick prayer, hoping for an answer to a judge's tough question. where do you think this Design Day Judge went to school?

Professor Dyksen address the Awards Ceremony crowd.

Judge Kevin Ohl announces the award winners.

Team Boeing wins the Auto-Owners Insurance Exposition Award.

Team Ford wins the Chrysler Praxis Award.

Team Toro wins the Crowe Sigma Award.

Team Microsoft wins the TechSmith Screencast Award.


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