CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

WK Kellogg Co, home of the world’s most memorable cereal brands, is one of the largest food manufacturing companies in the nation. Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, WK Kellogg Co was created as a spinoff of Kellogg’s, owning the North American cereal division.

Proper factory operations are integral to cereal production. To manage factory operations, WK Kellogg Co uses a web application called Smart Factory to track factory logistics. Smart Factory keeps track of maintenance tasks for factory operators and enables management to create tasks and view visualizations of historical factory data.

However, the software that Smart Factory was created with is being retired and is not part of the new WKKC landscape. Moreover, some users of the existing software have expressed a desire for a more intuitive design for Smart Factory’s next iteration.

Our Next Gen Smart Factory platform replaces the existing Smart Factory software to provide seamless and intuitive operations for administrators and factory operators alike. Moreover, Next Gen Smart Factory preserves the integral components of the previous iteration of Smart Factory while improving the user experience for administrators and operators.

Our tool enables administrators to create customizable checks for operators, track task progress, and visualize historical factory data. Operators complete checks assigned by administrators and report this via our tool. These checks are easily logged and parsed to extract relevant data for administrator review, ensuring that WKKC factories are able to continue making their famous cereals.

Next Gen Smart Factory is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a modern, friendly, and intuitive user interface. The historical factory data is stored in a SQL Database, and Python’s Flask framework to connect the front end and back end seamlessly.