CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

United Airlines is one of the world’s top commercial airlines. With a fleet of over 900 aircraft, they rank as the world’s third largest airline. United Airlines deploys this fleet to conduct 4,500 flights a day that reach over 300 cities.

United Airlines employs many technicians who work on both the aircraft, as well as the systems in place necessary for successful flights. To work on aircrafts, technicians must be certified airworthy. The process of becoming airworthy involves the technician completing certain trainings and tracking their completion. Once those steps are complete, a supervisor signs off an authorization request to finalize the certification.

This process consumes time and is tracked with paper records. Our Airworthiness Release Management System digitizes the entire airworthiness process, including tracking completion.

Our system manages the creation, signing, and storage of the airworthiness release authorization requests. An employee can easily create the initial form by filling out their basic information. Then, both the technician and supervisor can sign and complete the newly-created form. Incomplete and complete forms are stored online and can be easily searched for using our system. During the form completion process, reminders are sent out to employees if a form requires an action from them. The entire process now requires no paper forms or signatures.

Our system streamlines the airworthiness release process, increasing efficiency and reducing user error.

The user interface for our Airworthiness Release Management System is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The back end is developed using Flask, MySQL, REST APIs, and Python algorithms. Completed forms are stored in SharePoint, technician training records are stored in MTISe, and our web application is containerized and deployed using Docker.