CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Roosevelt Innovations provides simple, seamless, and smart software solutions for calculating group rate coverage for dental insurance. Headquartered in Okemos, Michigan, Roosevelt Innovations serves over 23 million customers with 50+ years of claims experience.

Insurance rates depend on a wide range of factors. Companies seeking to purchase group insurance deal with a large amount of information to calculate the cost for each employee. Microsoft Excel workbooks are a powerful tool for storing and calculating this information. However, rate calculation may become increasingly complex, thus Excel struggles to scale to match corporate demand.

Our Microsoft Excel Data Extractor/Modeler converts information from an Excel workbook to a company domain-specific language, known as GRACE. Users view the workbook in our system, then select groups of related cells, assigning a label to each group. The user also defines custom measurements of interest. Our system automatically converts this measurement information into a calculation using the labels defined in our system.

Diagrams are displayed that show all the labels and measurements defined within a workbook. These diagrams display how different items relate to one another in a graphical format. This deepens the user’s understanding of the relationships between elements and the importance of certain factors on an insurance rate calculation. The user can also see redundant relations within the data and optimize their formulas.

Our software simplifies the data ingestion and viewing process, saving time and money.

Our web application is built with an Angular framework written in Typescript, HTML5 and Sass. The web app utilizes a MongoDB connection by communicating with a Quarkus API endpoint written in Java.