CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

MillerKnoll, formerly known as Herman Miller, is renowned for its contemporary interior design and ergonomic furniture. Headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, they are a leading producer of home and office goods and inventors of the office cubicle.

Businesses frequently require specialized furniture for their office space. MillerKnoll services this need with their made-to-order business model. Its level of customizability generates vast amounts of unique data about products and their corresponding components. Manually navigating this information requires a deep understanding of their current inventory and legacy data management systems.

Our Product Lifecycle Tracing System is a web application that provides a centralized, user-friendly way to find product information. Users search for a component and receive basic information about the item, such as its current stock, manufacturing location, and latest order and ship dates.

When searching for a product, users are provided with a summary of its metadata. They can simulate the product’s discontinuation and view the impacts on each of its associated components. The software displays components that can be safely removed from the supply chain, while flagging those that other products depend on.

Our system establishes relationships between parts and products. It determines how integral specific components are to the product lineup. It gives insight into how resources can be better allocated, supporting supply and product managers in making informed decisions regarding production volumes.

Our front-end software is built using Next.js, ensuring responsiveness when processing large quantities of data. The back-end software is built with Express.js, which queries a Snowflake database to serve information to the front end.