CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Founded in 1988, Elektrobit is a global automotive software company, headquartered in Erlangen-Tennenlohe, Germany with locations across multiple continents. Elektrobit is an industry-leading supplier of automotive software products and services, with their products powering over five billion devices in over 600 million vehicles.

To ensure safe driving, new vehicular innovations are constantly being researched. However, it is very costly to test these innovations in the field. Recently, Elektrobit released Corbos, a software suite that developers utilize in creating programs to be run on automobiles. These programs can include anything from infotainment displays to autonomous driving features. Elektrobit seeks a means to demonstrate the powerful and dynamic capabilities of their new Corbos product to customers.

Our Automotive Software Integration In Virtual 3D system demonstrates the capabilities of Corbos by responsively displaying important metrics from simulated vehicles to automotive engineers and testers through a dashboard-like interface.

The website displays several important features: A top-down view of the vehicle displays the distance and direction of nearby obstacles, a compass is used to dynamically show the direction of a simulated vehicle, and speed and RPM dials are displayed to illustrate these metrics as they would in a real vehicle.

Through our system, Elektrobit is able to display how Corbos is able to help the development of future vehicular innovations.

CARLA simulator, an open-source automobile simulator, is used to generate sensor data that is sent through a Python API to a Docker container. The data is processed and sent to a second Docker container, where a React user interface fetches data from a C++ application running alongside it. Communication between the containers is facilitated by the HPC Dev-Kit from Elektrobit.