CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2024
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

For over 30 years, DRIVEN-4, based in St. Joseph, Michigan, has focused on and specialized in the areas of product lifecycle management (PLM), connected product development (IoT), connected operations (IIoT) and cybersecurity. Today, DRIVEN-4 strives to create innovative software solutions for its clients.

The DRIVEN-4 Connect Module is a programmable logic controller (PLC) that, through on-board sensors and network connectivity, is customizable to fit end-user needs. Managing user modules, providing connectivity to modules, and analyzing data collected from modules requires an equally customizable solution.

Our DRIVEN-4 Connect Application provides a customizable and streamlined solution for end-users to interact with DRIVEN-4 Connect Modules. Through the Connect system, users can view provisioned modules, update module firmware, and analyze data collected and uploaded from modules.

A provisioned module is set up by the end-user and specifies the schema of collected data. Once set up, the Connect system generates a unique endpoint to facilitate the connection to the Connect Module. Through the generated endpoint, the Connect Module sends collected data for storage.

Collected data can be queried, analyzed, and visualized through a spreadsheet that enables for mathematical functions and visualizations through graphing.

Additionally, users can create custom dashboard widgets to display the most relevant data in a convenient location. A learning center is available for users to view tutorials, to view code snippets, and to download code libraries.

The DRIVEN-4 Connect web application front end uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The back end is implemented using the Flask framework, MySQL databases, and SQLAlchemy to interact with databases.