CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2023
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Moii AI Inc. (Moii) is a multinational MSU-born startup founded in 2019 in Troy, Michigan and Chennai, India. Moii provides real-time alerts and video feed analysis using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies to increase ergonomic flow and improve home security.

Object detection requires artificial intelligence that is trained for detecting specific objects of interest. Moii currently has a system that is able to very accurately detect a limited number of objects. To expand the usability of this system, Moii is focusing on a robust system to detect many more objects at the same time.

Our Image Similarity System makes searching for any type of object within Moii's expansive image database possible. A large problem is collecting enough images of a particular object to be able to detect the object reliably.

To this end, users start by uploading images and drawing boxes around the object of interest. Our software then uses machine learning to scan through hours of video footage to find images of similar objects, to provide more examples and, in turn, improve Moii's object recognition.

New images of an object are displayed on a separate page along with the original images and a score indicating how similar the found object is to the object of interest.

Using our system, Moii can quickly determine if a person or object appears in their footage with high accuracy and low cost. Using this software, Moii can more accurately inform their clients about their business and create a more secure environment.

Our system uses Google Cloud Storage to handle transfer of images, Firebase Realtime Database to sync between our front end built on React and the back end, and Google Cloud Platform to host our model. Based off a proprietary machine learning model from Moii, our PyTorch model is trained for deep template matching.