CSE498, Collaborative Design, Spring 2021
Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University

Headquartered in Detroit, Urban Science is internationally renowned for providing data-driven, science-based solutions to problems in the automotive industry. With strong industry knowledge, Urban Science provides meaningful solutions for companies from GM to Ferrari.

Currently, dealership field workers, who go from dealership to dealership analyzing data, must set up a work environment to access key metrics in every dealership they visit. This manual process takes time that could be used devising sales strategies.

Our Service Flash Mobile application provides an easily digestible interface for field workers to choose what metrics they would like to view in order to help with sales strategy.

When a user first logs in they are met with a customizable home page. Metrics can be added to the home page by selecting the filters that are desired. The filters range from geography, part type, sold or purchased, and time.

Our software is designed to let users access each metric to view more details about that metric. Details about the metric are broken down further on the metrics page. Depending on the filters applied, users can compare the data selected to either a target goal or the previous year’s data. This allows executives at Urban Science to identify areas of opportunity and track progress towards goals quickly, allowing them to act early enough to meet their goals.

Our mobile application allows Urban Science clients to access key metrics intuitively and in a timely manner, which increases communication and productivity in the workplace.

The front end of our application uses Angular, which is a framework that entails HTML, CSS and Typescript, wrapped in Cordova for iOS and Android integration. The back end uses C# and a SQL database hosted on Microsoft Azure. The API is hosted on Microsoft Azure.